Discovery Week 4

Discovery Week 4

Week 4 – How Do I Spot False Churches?

The Bible often warns against false prophets and false teacher. This means there are many places called churches that give an empty Gospel. How can we avoid these dangerous traps?

Some lies are obvious for those with a basic understanding of the Bible. Other dangerous teachings sound good on the surface, but they become problematic once we understand their implications.

General Advice

  • [Watch] 7 Sure Marks of a False Teacher (6:55)

  • [Read] 7 Traits of False Teachers


If you hear these ideas taught in a church, start looking for the exits. This is not a true church.

Who Is Jesus?

  • [Watch] Donall and Conall Learn That Jesus Isn’t Divine (5:30) – FUNNY

  • [Read] Top 10 Heresies in the History of Christianity

  • [Read] Historic Heresies Related to the Nature of Christ

What is the Trinity?

  • [Watch] St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies (3:49) – FUNNY

  • [Read or Watch] “What Does the Bible Teach About the Trinity?”

  • [Read] “What Is the Doctrine of the Trinity?” – an in-depth article.


These ideas are more difficult to spot, since they typically use the language of the true gospel. However, they define the terms differently to make a different message.

If these ideas appear too often, you are likely looking at a false church. However, these ideas are so subtle that you may hear them occasionally taught in true churches too. Yet if these ideas take root, a true church may not stay true to the gospel for long.

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

  • [Read] A clear summary of MTD
  • [Watch] Why Moralistic Therapeutic Deism is a Dead End (3:12)
  • [Watch] Michael Horton Lecture (45:05)

Prosperity Gospel

  • [Read] “What You Should Know About the Prosperity Gospel”
  • [Watch] Why I Abominate the Prosperity Gospel (10:34)
  • [Watch] Why Your Church Shouldn’t Play Bethel and Hillsong Music (21:53)

Modern Prophets and Faith Healers

  • [Read] “Are Faith Healers for Real?” – a good introduction.
  • [Watch] Modern Prophets and Faith Healers Utterly Destroyed by COVID 19 (2:25:18)

The Hebrew Roots Movement

  • [Read] “Dangers of the Hebrew Roots Movement” – an in-depth article.
  • [Watch] The Hebrew Roots Disaster (11:15)
  • [Watch] I’ve Been Looking into the Hebrew Roots Movement (1:14:57)


These groups are only loosely based on the Bible and can rightly be considered a separate religion.

For in depth content on the most prominent cults check out:

Latter Day Saints (Mormons)

  • [Read] “Mormonism 101”

  • [Read] “The FAQs: Are Mormons Christians?” – (Spoiler Alert: No)
  • [Watch] Donall and Conall Meet the Mormon Missionaries (2:51) – FUNNY
  • [Watch] Donall and Conall Convince the Mormon Missionaries They’re Going to Hell in 40.305 Seconds (4:11) – FUNNY

Jehovah’s Witnesses

  • [Read] “9 Things You Should Know About the Jehovah’s Witnesses”
  • [Watch] Donall and Conall Meet the JWs (4:22) – FUNNY