Pastor Search

Pastor Search

First Christian Reformed Church of Everett WA
Job Description:  Sole Pastor 

Mission Statement:  Disciple making through Bible, Prayer and Outward Community. 

The First Christian Reformed Church of Everett WA is searching for the next Pastor that God has called to lead our church.  To faithfully preach the Word of God from the Reformed perspective and as part of the church council, guide the church in all aspects of their spiritual life. 

Duties the pastor will be expected to fulfill:
Congregational Life:  The pastor, in consultation with the Council, shall define and develop a planning model which allows the congregation to best achieve its goals for mission. 

Preaching:  The Pastor shall prepare and deliver sermons for regular and special worship services during the year.  This includes holidays, weddings, funerals, and other special occasions that may arise.  Preform two services each Sunday with the evening service being a full service or formal Bible Study. 

Worship Leader: The Pastor shall assist in the planning and executing of worship services along with the established leaders in the congregation.  The Pastor will take a leading role in the conduct of worship. 

Pastoral Care and Counseling: The pastor will work with the council to engage in care of the spiritual needs of the congregation.  He, along with the elders shall be available for visitation and pastoral care as needed. 

Administration:  The pastor shall offer Godly counsel to the council chairman, elders, and deacons as well as other leaders of the congregation. 

Missions and Evangelism:  The Pastor shall offer leadership by design and example of appropriate approaches to missions and evangelism both locally and world-wide. 

Christian Education:  The Pastor shall offer advice to the Education Committee regarding curriculum for the educational programs of the congregation as well as other groups such as GEMS and Cadets.  He will also be available to teach classes for older youth or adults, including catechism classes. 

Who are we at First CRC Everett:  We are a Biblically conservative congregation located in a very progressive state.  We stand firm on the Biblical teachings that there are only two genders and marriage is between one man and one woman.  These are just a few challenges we face in today’s society.   

 We are an older congregation most of whom reside in the surrounding communities.  The church has been in North Everett for more than 100 years and is a very caring congregation.  We are looking for ways to reach out to and be more visible within our local community.  We have grown a lot the past several years in spite the loss our long-term pastor followed by a pastor who served for four years.  This has caused us to reflect on who we are as a church and where we are going in the future. 

Education:   There are several Christian schools in the area.  Two that we support as a congregation are Everett Christian School (K-8) located about three minutes from the church and Mount Vernon Christian School (K-12) located 30 minutes North of Everett. 

Besides serving as the Next Pastor of First CRC Everett why move to Everett WA:  Everett is the seventh largest city in the state of WA and spans 48 miles. The population is predominantly white (70%) while the remaining 30% make up a variety of other ethnicities. It is located about an hour North of Seattle and about two hours South of Vancouver Canada.  There are a variety of recreational activities located just minutes to a few hours driving distance from Everett.  Lots of trails for walking and biking, the Puget Sound Inlet and lakes for boating and fishing, mountains for hiking and camping.    A local arena has a hockey team, concerts, and shows.  Seattle has many preforming arts centers, museums and more depending upon entertainment styles. The church is just blocks away from the local Community College, a US Navy base and the county’s largest hospital.   

Pay and Benefit Information:
Salary Information:    Approximately $50,000 per year depending on experience. 

Benefits:  According to the CRC ministers’ benefits and pension plans.  First CRC Everett gives a monthly allotment towards the cost of health care benefits.

Vacation:  2 weeks or more depending upon experience 

Housing:  The parsonage is located across the driveway from the church 

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